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Need Help With Your Barber’s License Or Barbershop License? Let Us Help You Get and Keep Your Barber’s/Barbershop License

May 10, 2017
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Barber's License

Let Us Help You:
• Review your letter from the DPBR Investigator
• Assist you with your Notice of Intent to Deny
• Provide advice on how to successfully navigate the system
• Provide advice on settlement versus challenging the allegations
• Argue mitigating circumstances which might lessen the penalties
• Representation before DPBR Florida Barber’s Board

The Florida Barbers Board was created by the Florida Legislature in the best interest of public health, safety, and welfare to regulate the practice of Barbering in this State. The board has a legal duty to ensure that all barbers in the state meet the minimum legal requirements. It is up to the Board to make the determination to certify you are eligible to practice barbering.

Section 476.144 (1) Florida Statutes states that the Department (DPBR) shall license any applicant who the board certifies is qualified to practice barbering in this state.
(2) The Board shall certify for licensure any applicant who satisfies the requirements of s. 476.114, and who passes the required examination, achieving a passing grade as established by board rule.

If you have your license and someone reports or complains to the Board, let us help you!

Section 455.227, Florida Statutes gives us Grounds for which you can receive Discipline; Penalties; Enforcement.

Section 455.227(2), Florida Statutes states that if you have a valid complaint the Board may: (a) refuse to certify, or to certify with restrictions an application for license; (b) Suspension or permanent revocation of a license; (c) Restriction of practice (d) Imposition of an administrative fine not to exceed $5,000.00 for each count or separate offense; (e) Issuance of a reprimand; (f) Placement of Probation; (g) Corrective action.

The Board may take into consideration Mitigating Circumstances to lessen your penalties. Don’t Go It Alone!

Call an experienced professional license attorney Rick Strong of Howell, Buchan & Strong, Attorneys at Law in Tallahassee at 850-877-7776 for a free consultation.

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