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Top Legal Questions about Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC)

February 12, 2018
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 Florida Real Estate Commission

Are you facing an investigation regarding your Florida Real Estate License? You may have to defend yourself before the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). FREC, headquartered in Orlando, is a division of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) which is located in Tallahassee, Florida.  

  1. I have received an Administrative Complaint from FREC.  What can FREC do to my license?
    FREC derives its authority from Chapter, 475, Florida Statutes. Specifically, the scope of discipline comes from section 475.25, Florida Statutes.  The range of penalties can vary from a revocation of a license, fines, to letters of reprimand.  The severity of penalty depends on several factors.  If you have received a DPBR FREC Administrative Complaint, let us assist you with mitigating the scope of discipline
  2. I was arrested over the weekend for something unrelated to my real estate practice.  Do I have to report?
    It is possible that you may be required to report your arrest to FREC.  Never just assume that you do not have to report and you will be ok.  Contact an experience professional licensing attorney to discuss the specifics of the matter.
  3. I was contacted by a FREC Investigator.  Must I cooperate or lose my license?
    FREC was established by the Florida Legislature because it was deemed necessary in the interest of the public welfare to regulate real estate brokers, sales associates, and schools in this state.  We often suggest contacting an experienced real estate license attorney before speaking with an investigator.  The investigator’s job is to protect the public.  Do not make the mistake of providing potentially unnecessary harmful information.       
  4. Should I appear before FREC alone?
    Never go at it alone. Having an experienced real estate license attorney by your side can could help save your license and/or brokerage.  
  5. Should I accept the Settlement offer from FREC?
    Oftentimes, your first Settlement offer may not be the best offer.  Seek the advice of an experienced real estate license attorney.

    If you have received a Florida real estate license complaint, Let Us Help You!

Our Law Firm

Our professional license defense firm provides representation to real estate salespersons, agents, and brokers statewide who are under investigation or have received an Administrative Complaint or other administrative action from DBPR/FREC. We also represent out of state clients who hold professional licenses in Florida and may be the subject of a complaint.

Our goal is to successfully defend you so that you can keep your professional license.

Our law firm is available for a free no obligation consultation. Howell, Buchan & Strong, Attorneys at Law represent professionals with advice and representation. Established in 1965 our law firm has experience dealing with state government agencies, especially when issues involve real estate professionals or dealings with the Florida Real Estate Commission.

Have questions about the process? We're here to answer them. Reach us at 850-877-7776.

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