Has Your Veterinary Clinic/Animal Hospital Been Visited by a DBPR Inspector?

Veterinarians in Florida are governed by Chapter 474, Florida Statutes and Chapter 61G18, Florida Administrative Code.  The licensing and regulation of veterinarians and their businesses has been delegated to the Board of Veterinary Medicine (the “Board”) within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DBPR”).

All veterinary establishments are subject to periodic inspections by a DBPR inspector and an inspection fee.  The inspector will check the establishment to ensure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations. Download an example of an inspection form the DBPR inspector will use to ensure compliance.

If the inspector observes a violation, he or she will inform you of the violation and usually give you an opportunity to correct the violation or develop a correction plan to bring the business into compliance.  If the violation is serious or recurring, DBPR will open an investigation which could result in formal discipline against your license to include fines and suspension, or revocation of your license.

As an individual licensed through DBPR, you have the right to:

  • Know the reason for your inspection
  • Have knowledgeable, helpful, objective and courteous inspectors
  • Have professional inspectors who use safe and minimally disruptive practices in completing your inspection
  • Receive a copy of the completed inspection
  • Question the findings of your inspection
  • Ask for an explanation of the disciplinary process
  • Be efficiently and fairly treated in all dealings with DBPR

If you ever receive an investigative notice or an Administrative Complaint (“AC”) you  cannot afford to ignore them. Instead, contact an attorney who is familiar with the administrative regulatory process and who has defended licensed individuals such as yourself.  Do not talk to anyone until you have consulted with an experienced attorney about the allegations against you and your rights as a licensee with DBPR.

For a free, no obligation consultation concerning any allegations against your veterinary license or establishment, contact Kevin B. Taylor at Howell, Buchan & Strong, attorneys at law.

Phone: 850-877-7776

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