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Do you need additional time for completing the CPA CPE requirements?

July 2, 2020
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Florida CPAs must complete 80 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) by June 30th of the renewal year. These 80 CPE hours must consist of at least eight in accounting/auditing subjects, no more than 20 in behavioral subjects, and at least four in board-approved ethics.

The good news is that an automatic extension has been provided if you are unable to meet the initial deadline of June 30th of your renewal year. If a CPA does not complete their required hours by June 30th, he or she will be granted an automatic extension until September 15th, and another automatic extension until December 31st, if the required hours are still not completed. These two extensions are automatically available and no application is needed.

Previously, taking advantage of each of these automatic extensions would have increased the number of CPE hours required. However, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, the Florida Board of Accountancy recently waived the addition of these extra hours, effectively moving the deadline back from June 30th to December 31st with no drawbacks.  

Ultimately, it is crucial that you complete your CPE hours as required because if you are audited by the DBPR Bureau of Education and Testing, failure to comply with the CPE requirements could result in an administrative complaint being filed against your license by the Board of Accountancy and result in discipline of your license.

Our firm regularly represents licensed professionals throughout Florida and is here to assist you if you have received a CPE audit letter, investigative letter, or administrative complaint. 

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