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Electrical Contractors and Civil Judgements

March 18, 2022
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Your contractor license is your ticket to work in the State of Florida and a civil judgment against you is something to take very seriously. In this question-and-answer blog, we will walk through the common questions our legal team receives and the important steps you should take if you have received a civil judgment against your contractor license to help you be better prepared.

I’m an Electrical Contractor and have Received a Civil Judgement, What Should I Do?

If you had a civil judgment entered against you, it is important to comply with the judgment’s ordered payment or repayment schedule. Failure to comply with the judgment within 18 months of its entry can cause you to be liable for a violation of section 489.533(1)(m)(4), Florida Statutes.

What Happens if I Fail to Comply with a Civil Judgment?

Failure to comply with a civil judgment is a violation of the disciplinary guidelines for electrical contractors. When the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) becomes aware of the violation, which can happen when anyone files a complaint with DBPR, they will open an investigation. At that time, an investigator will reach out to you and the complainant for more information before closing the file. Once presented to the Electrical Contractor’s Licensing Board, they may choose to file an Administrative Complaint against your license.

Learn More: Read our blog on DBPR Administrative Complaints.

How Should I Respond to an Administrative Complaint?

An Administrative Complaint will be served to you and you must respond within 21 days with whether you are electing to pursue a formal hearing, informal hearing, or are waiving your right to a hearing. The violation of failing to comply with a civil judgment has a wide range of disciplinary implications, which could be as minor as a reprimand and $1,000 fine, or as severe as revocation of your license.

While each individual’s circumstances are unique, a thorough response challenging the allegations and arguing what mitigating evidence is in your favor can increase your chances of reaching a reasonable resolution to your case.

The experienced legal team of Howell, Buchan, & Strong can help you respond to and prepare your arguments to protect your license and livelihood.

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