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FTC’s Proposed Ban on Employee Noncompete Agreements

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a rule that could potentially eliminate employee noncompete agreements countrywide. This regulation would affect many, as approximately 32 […]

Dishonest Deals in Real Estate | The License Suspensions, Revocations, and Fines

When it comes to brokering a real estate deal, integrity matters. As a real estate and broker license attorney, I've defended recent cases where the […]

Requirements to Practice Cosmetology in the State of Florida

In Florida, as in all states, a license is required to practice cosmetology. The licenses are issued by the Board of Cosmetology, with the Department […]

Challenges with Family Business Transition Planning

Family-owned businesses pose particular challenges and typically involve unique planning dynamics. Each family-owned business will present circumstances specific to the organization and operations of that […]

Pre-Licensing Requirements for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Salespersons

The State of Florida requires individuals who intend to practice in the real estate field as a broker, agent, or salesperson to hold a license. […]
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