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Certified Public Accountant (CPA) License

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Florida is subject to numerous regulations. From applying for your CPA license to defending it, our firm is experienced in helping you protect your livelihood.


We have over 30 years of experience helping future Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) obtain licensure. We're uniquely qualified to help current CPAs and CPA firms renew their licensure, defend against complaints, and avoid stricter, more costly penalties and discipline to protect their livelihood.  

Let Us Help You with: 

  • Licensing applications and denials
  • Licensing renewals
  • Delinquent Licenses
  • Audits
  • Defense Against Complaints/Administrative Complaints

Let the Attorneys at HBS Assist with your CPA Licensure Needs

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Florida, you are subject to numerous regulations. 

The attorneys of Howell, Buchan & Strong have experience representing clients throughout the State of Florida. Having an experienced attorney with knowledge of state government, state regulations, administrative law, and CPA license law will benefit you. 

Certified Public Accountants are governed by Chapter 473 of the Florida Statutes. CPAs and CPA firms are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the Division of Certified Public Accounting, and the Florida Board of Accountancy. 

CPA Licensing Applications and Denials

Florida CPA firms must have valid licenses, and CPAs can only practice in licensed firms. Practicing as a CPA without a license or within an unlicensed firm is grounds for administrative discipline. There are specific requirements you must meet to attain your CPA license. The key to an approved application is a well put together application packet. If you do not meet the requirements or submit a subpar application packet, you risk having your license application denied. The Attorneys at HBS can assist you in obtaining the required documents to create an accurate and complete application packet. 

CPA Licensing Renewals

To maintain your CPA license, all CPA license holders must comply with post-licensing and continuing education requirements. All licensees must pay the necessary renewal fees. Generally, a CPA must renew their license every two (2) years. To avoid unlicensed activity, it is important to submit a timely application for a CPA license renewal. The Attorneys at HBS can help you submit a timely and accurate renewal application to avoid a lapse in your CPA licensure. 

CPA Delinquent Licenses

Is your license status delinquent? Or null and void? In addition to the requirements above, delinquent license holders must complete penalty continuing professional education credits. Null and void license holders must meet the new rule requirements and successfully retake the CPA examination. Let HBS help you get your license reinstated and get you back to work! HBS Attorneys can guide you through this process. 


Were you chosen for an audit? Do not worry. We can help you respond to the audit promptly. If you do not comply with an audit, you risk violating the Public Accountancy Practice Act, which could subject you to disciplinary action by the Board of Accountancy. We can help you avoid fines, probation, or suspension of your license. 

Complaints/Administrative Complaints on Your CPA License

You may find yourself on the wrong end of a complaint filed against your license. Has DBPR issued an administrative complaint against your license? Many CPA license holders ask: Should I ignore the complaint? Should I talk to the Department’s attorney? Should I accept the first settlement offer? Should I handle the situation alone? Or even, why is this happening? 

Our firm can help guide you through answering these difficult questions. We understand that receiving an administrative complaint is difficult and confusing. Let us work on your behalf to pinpoint the issues and assist you throughout the entire process. We will help you with responding to the complaint, and create a unique defense tailored to your case. We will advocate for settlement on your behalf, and appear, if necessary, on your behalf for trial at the Division of Administrative Hearings. Your license is too important to risk any further disciplinary action. 

At Howell, Buchan & Strong Attorneys at Law, we exhaust all avenues to help you obtain and keep your CPA license in Florida. 

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